Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump repair is a fairly simple process. In fact, it’s almost always the first thing you’ll do if you suspect a potential problem with your unit. Ice buildup in a heat pump is typically a very minor problem caused by condensation. Most often, an unvented condenser or leaky refrigerant line is the culprit behind ice-covered coils. An experienced technician can usually determine the cause of this minor problem by taking a close look at the system.

If your condenser is clogged with ice, he’ll remove it from the system and make sure the ice is completely removed. If the condenser is clear of ice, but the refrigerant line is clogged, he’ll probably have to cut away some of the ice to allow the flow of refrigerant to continue. If the condenser isn’t clogged, but the refrigerant line is, he’ll be able to clear out the ice and repair the condenser.

If your heat pump seems to be running extremely slowly, one of the first things you’ll probably want to check is the refrigerant pump. This coolant pump contains the liquid that makes up the heat from your home. If this coolant pump starts to produce less than the normal amount of refrigerant, you may need to replace the pump. If this coolant pump runs excessively slow, however, your system could have a more serious issue such as a damaged evaporator coil or an internal problem with the pump itself.

Once you’ve determined what the underlying cause of your heat pump repair is, you should then call an experienced technician to do a test of your system to see if you need a brand new pump. He may come and check the unit while it’s turned off and do a test of it on his own. This will help him determine the best way to take care of the problem. He’ll usually let you know what he finds out.

In most cases, your heat pump repair will be done by an experienced technician who understands the components of your system. He’ll know exactly which parts need to be repaired in order to fix your problem, and he’ll know the best way to fix the issue based upon the diagnosis he has made.

There are other less drastic ways to improve the efficiency of your heat pump. If your system is running too slowly, it’s time to upgrade your furnace or to simply put in a more powerful model of furnace.